100 Word Challenge

Hey everyone, I took place in the 100 word challenge. Its where the creators give you a sentence or a picture and you have to make a story about that. The sentence was: “… then when I looked out of the plane window…”

So Enjoy my story

I was on a plane. It was very dark in the plane because it was stranded. Then when I looked out the window and saw before me people! But they looked so futuristic. How long have I been in here? Days? Years? Centuries? I didn’t have the sense to tell anymore. I waved to the people outside. They just looked angry back at me. Maybe I had been here for years. How did I survive? When I walked outside of the plane, the police came to me. They hit me with their batons and I passed out. I’m so dead.


Book report on “Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets.

The book I am reading now is Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. The book is very interesting because Harry is stuck at his old house with ‘Muggles’ which are people who don’t have 1 drop of magic in them. Ron (who is Harry’s best friend) comes to rescue him. The problem was Ron and his brothers (Fred and George) are driving his dads car in the air. When they come back they see a surprise waiting for them. Ron’s mum. Then until Hogwarts (Harry’s School) gets out of the summer break. Though when they are going to the train station, instead of going in to train 9, they go into train 9 and three quarters. When half of Ron’s family are waiting for them on the other side. The train station closes at 10 am for 9 and quarters and Ron and Harry don’t make it so they take Ron’s dads car. While they are driving, Muggles at London see them and they have no idea until they arrive at Hogwarts. I do recommend reading the Harry Potter series.



gravity inquiry


Que Card 1

1.9.807 on earth

in space there is gravity but the spaceman are really falling but not plummeting to earth.
jumping could lead to going around a planet. Gravity controls the tides.

Que Card 2

2.Newton has 3 laws of gravity which are.
1.  A object will stay at rest until pushed by a strong force.

2.Speed is made when a force acts on a object.

3.To every action there is a oppisite to it.

Que Card 3

3. The definition of gravity is:

“the area above the sky.

the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth.”

Doubling and Halving

Today in Maths we did a game where someone held a calculator and the other person wrote a number on the calculator and gave the other person hints about the number. Here are my strategies. With doubling I would double the ones number first then double the tens number. My strategies with the halving is half the tens number first. Then do the ones.