Term 2 Starts!

Hey guys its me signing in. Its term 2! I am glad to be back with my awesome teacher and my awesome friends. Today we did art. Its not complete yet. I think it is very weird that we have a day off on Friday because we just got off holidays. So here’s to another term.

Term 1 Reflection.

This term was really fun, Ms Scott is like the best teacher in my opinion. I really liked this term because it went really fast. I learnt a lot of things especially PLT wise. My PLT was awesome and everyone really liked it. I’m also making lots of new friends and I have lots of friends in this class already. This term is awesome and I hope for the best next term! Which will happen because Ms Scott is an awesome teacher.

Here are the links to my friends (In my class) blogs.

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Upcycling Kids


Today, pollution is one of the worst things for the environment, but some schools have found a way to move around this. It’s called “Upcycling”

Upcycling is where you use cans, glass and toothpaste tubes and make it into something useful. Normally your rubbish would just go to the dump, but these kids make rubbish into chairs, bags and bows.

At the dump, the plastics and electronics stay for a while, but you can use this plastic and make it into something else. Why would you just throw this rubbish into the garden or bin, when you can make it into something that you would love?!

Not only can kids do this, but adults can help with this. Adults can inspire the kids to start doing this. You could help a community, a school or even help a hospital. Upcycling could help homeless people.  They could have a place to sleep under with Upcycling.

I hope I have convinced you to start upcycling, because upcycling can help the animals in the sea, like fish that get trapped in plastic bags. If we stop pollution we can save animals and we can make Earth a better place.