I didn’t mean to kill her. She just died, but I was on a mission so it was basically a win-win. I had to murder everybody… Was I evil? No! I was a spy. 11 people, I had a knife and one of those 11 people had a gun but it appears that they just shot that lady. The gun flies across the room and goes into someone’s hand. I realised I was next. I was about to start running but I realised something, None of those people were running. It was time to blend in.


I ran into a room, by ran I mean walked. I was about to run when the coast was clear but looks like he was there. Alpha. He was the one. The detective, No gun but a smart brain. We all have our head/body signals and the move head forward meant ‘Are you the murderer’ I shook my head to say No. As soon as I shook my head Tango walked in. He had the gun! I pointed to Alpha and then there were 9 left. But there were eight! I killed Tango, here’s some blood if you want it.. But anyways, a few more to go, I can’t pick up the gun because my knife is way better.


As I walked to the basement I saw something odd, who would keep a light switch there, oh well. It works for me. I turned off the light and I could hear a scream. Must be Hotel or something. In the basement I saw the screamer and I said “Oh hello Hotel!”. “Get away you stabber!!” he yelled back. Hmm must be a bit confused. Oh well 7 left now. Time to go to the kitchen, must be time to cook some human. I walked in and found 2 people hiding from me in there, Stabbity Stab! 5 more to go and I think I’m ready.

What do I mean by ready? To UNLEASH THE BEAST!!! I ran around to the bedroom and what I saw was a bit odd. “Are you a killer?” she said, Oh it’s Jen again… STAB! 4 more to kill and I have done it, completed my mission to kill everyone! It appears I hear the footsteps coming up to me. 3 young men have a good old run at me. 1 had the gun and shot his friend so I just killed them all. 1 more to go and I’m going so well. I’m about to go to the attic when I see a body, I’ll just disguise as him. I walked up and in a corner and here he is. “Hey” I say. “You aren’t going to stab me right?” he said scarcely. “No. I’m going to murder you…” STAB!!!


Where did the body go? I hear footsteps but they are getting fainter. Oh no, I look down the ladder and see a yellow jumper but it zipped away. Yellow Jumper?? ALPHA!! I never killed him! I jumped down and he was missing. THE GUN!!! Surprisingly now I have to hide the only way I knew how to hide. I disguised as Hotel and hung up my old body and gave it a knife so Alpha would think I was about to be stabbed. I screamed and Alpha ran up the stairs. I pointed to the body and my plan went into place.


I walked down the stairs and got a new knife. But not just one knife. 11 knives. I would put them into all the bodies and make it look scary. Stuff was about to go down. I put all the knives in the bodies and screamed again. Alpha ran down to look what happened and saw something a bit strange. He jumped down to look at Tango’s body. I went with him. “Maybe there is another gun?” I said. We eventually went to the bedroom. I locked the door and said to him. “This one is yours” and I stabbed him in the butt, but I didn’t? Someone else was here. I must of been innocent all along?! But how?! I ran for my life and went down to the basement. I saw Her body. The first one that got killed. I went to her body and started crying. I yelled out “I’M SORRY!!!” Alpha came down and said I was him and he was the spy. Then I had my last moments… He stabbed me.


“Ah shoot how do you always win?!” I said.

“I’m just good” said my friend.


School Production Review

A few nights ago we had our school production and here is my review.

The songs we did were: Get up and dance with me, Ring Ring and Single Ladies. I didn’t get a part in the play except I enjoyed all the non singing and singing parts I really liked where we were sitting on the night (Above the Audience). I had a bit of stage fright before doing Ring Ring but it was all fine after. If I had to say which was my favourite song used in the production it would be Uptown Funk because its my favourite song. I rate the production 7.5/10

Transit Programme

Today at 9am we had the whitehorse city council come to our school, they were going to teach us about road safety. The Grade 6's had already done this so the grade sixes were told not to spoil anything for us. The first thing they told us about was how to choose a transport, that had been connected to our homework where we had to see how long it would take to go our secondary school. I chose bus/tram.
We had to learn about safety on the road, like if you had shoes while walking or looking out for drivers but I mentioned if someone wanted to give you candy and you should say no and run away from them.
 Then we did health which was about your health and going on the road. So that's what the seniors did this morning. Byyee!

My Maths Learning T3 2015

This term we did a lot of maths so I will try to remember the best or just some of the stuff that was big that we did this term.



Bodmas is something I still don’t get, but here is what I learnt:

You do the brackets first, I don’t know order,Do division or multiplication and Addition or Subtraction.

The 3 Laws of Maths

Commutative Law – You can add/multiply the same numbers in any order

Associative Law – It doesn’t matter how we group the numbers we will still get the same number.

Distributive Law – You can add or multiply any numbers with any combination.

Worded Problems

This is the one i kind of still don’t get. We did this whole quiz thing that had like money and stuff. e.g If the Canadians use $13429842 of their money on computer games a day and they use half of it on Nintendo games how much money do they use on nintendo games?


So thats all the great parts in maths this term! Goodbye 😀

Mini Fair

On Friday we had our mini fair and we did a healthy snacks club. I really liked it this year because I got a mustache. We donate our money to the Philippines and we had stalls like Hair Spray,chocolate stall and many other exciting things! The purpose of the mini fair isn’t for the toys or lollies, it’s for raising awareness.  We donated our money to orphans in the Philippines as I said and we all had a good time because we got to donate and have fun at the same time 🙂

Below: Piers and his swag-O-stache 1000 😀