My Cool Buddy Harvey!

My buddy’s name is Harvey and he is one of the coolest preps ever. He is very nice to everyone. Harvey likes to go on holidays and can get to the top of the monkey bars. Peter and I and Harvey’s buddy and we take lots of care of him.

Harvey went very well at sports night! He is very fast and can throw a ball very far.

Harvey beat Peter and I in paper, scissors,rock

His favourite food are watermelon and grapes.

His favourite shapes are circle, triangle and squares.

Peter’s blog is here:

Sports Night

Hello everyone!

On Monday we just had sports night and guess what?


Yes, red team did it, we have won 6 years in a row! How amazing!

I got a 3rd in the 200 metres making red proud 🙂

I got 1st in tunnel ball and well done in 100 metre.

I hope everyone had a good sports night!

Who were you going for?

Sleep is important

Hello bloggers, today I would like to talk to you about Sleep.

Kids should get 7-10 hours of sleep a day because our bodies need to recharge a lot so we can have a good day and get ready for school or whatever.

I hope wherever you are you are getting good sleep.


Stay Classy!

Zika Virus

For 70 years, the Zika virus has been spreading around 30 countries such as Brazil, North America and many more. To get this virus you need to go to Zika Forest in Brazil and If you have it, it’s ok. All you get is a fever, rash or bad sight. But if you are pregnant then your baby might have a small head or brain.

Be careful for the Rio 2016 Olympics

Back at school!

Well, my friends, I am back at school. This year I have Mrs Inglease and Ms Greave. Senior IG. I have a couple of friends in my class like Dylan, James, Zac, Angelo and Jackson also my year five friends are Matt, Jacob, James and Many more!

So its week 3 I believe so thats great! No homework until next week so that’s good but bad.

Well, I gotta go now!

Stay Classy!