Parliament House

Last Friday we went to Parliament House in Melbourne, I had a really good time and I’ll tell you my favourite parts 🙂


I really liked the City Race that we did. My friends Peter, Kitty, Lauren and more were in the same group and we had a great time. It was the first to go to the park near Parliament house and we were 3rd I think. We had to get information about 5 landmarks in the Melbourne city. We found our landmarks and ran over to parliament house. We all had a good time and enjoyed ourselves.

Another good thing is that we saw the Neil Angus and got his autograph! It was awesome! We gave him a few high fives and walked into the Parliament house. We got to sit in the room where they made laws, it was really fun! We also went to the State Library which was fun. All in all, I enjoyed myself and hope that we can go there again at High School! Bye guys :3

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