Weekly Blog #5

It’s week 5 at school! Woah! Nearly the end of Term 3! This week has been pretty good.

One thing I really enjoy about, well, every week is Gymnastics, its’ really fun and I want to thank the guys who run it. So,  this week has been pretty regular, even though I was saying it’s pretty good. It was fun. We’re also doing a thing called “Literature Circles” which is where we read a book with a group and do roles on it. I’m reading “Playing Beatie Bow”. I’ve liked this week, it’s been average but fun.


Okay! So I’d like to talk about my Posters again. I think they’re going pretty good if I don’t say so myself. I would like to make a page to these posters, so you can check there (when I’ve created it) for all of my posters and request them. I’m going to call them SFM pictures because that’s what they really are called. So check the page out.

See you guys later 😀

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