Weekly Blog: #4

Welcome to Weekly Blog.

This week has been pretty cool.

We’ve done a lot of art, such as clay and building endangered animals and much more.

This week we also played with these small but amazing robots called “ozobots”

We got to build the path that they walk on, I built a maze with Ashling and Matt! It was really funny watching the robot get trapped in the maze. I had a really fun week, but now that the school time is over, I’d like to talk about something I do at home.

I make little posters on a program called “Sourcefilm Maker” and I wanted to ask the people of the world what I should make on the program, I’ll take your requests and turn them into magic! By the way, there are limitations such as, player models. If you request something like, Superman vs Batman, someone might not have made the models. (But they have) So write down your request in the comments! (Also here’s a preview of what I do)


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