Student Blogging Challenge Week 10

This is the last blogging challenge I will be doing for the year, I have really enjoyed myself doing this, so lets get ready.

I have done 19 Blog posts since March 2016 and over these 3 months I have changed the theme a few times, to match my new likings and I have 3 or 4 widgets on my blog which are about translating or flag counters and my most successful blog post in comments is the very first post I made in fact It is titled, My first day in seniors which has 4 comments on it. I have loved doing this challenge so thank you to Mrs Coffa for setting it up at our school.


My Term So Far #16stubc

The term has gone pretty well so far, it’s been really fun. My favourite part had to be the interschool sports that we are doing! They are really fun! I am doing volleystars but unfortunately we have lost one game, which so far has been our only game, at least we still have 2 games to play, Maybe we can get 2/3, I don’t really know. Well, I’m going to go do more of the student blogging challenge so See ya!

(This Post is for the StudentBloggingChallenge Week 3)

Student Blogging Challenge Week 6 #16stubc: Food and Culture

In our country, Australia, some of the wood we eat is:

From Wikipedia

We eat meat pies a lot in Australia. I really like them, I eat them for canteen.


We listen to a lot of country music in Australia, like Slim Dusty or others.

We have a lot of Aboriginal stories that we tell around campfires. That’s pretty much Australia

Blogging Challenge Week 7 #16stubc : Work then Play

Board games were invented to entertain people, for people to do something to when you couldn’t go outside. The very first board game was invented in 5000 BC! The name of the board game was called Dice. Thousands of years later a game called Senet. It was made in 3100 BC. So basically, board games have been around for millions of years from Dice, to Senet and millions of years later you get a game called Monopoly which at the time BLEW everyone’s mind. My favourite board game has to be monopoly, because of the money system.

The Future I will Live in (Blogging Challenge #9 #16stubc)

This year I am leaving St Luke’s and will be going to Emmaus, so I better start thinking about the future.

In the future I will have a great life, my dream job at the moment will be a game developer at Microsoft or Valve because if you don’t know I love games. I will live in a place I love a lot, either the U.K or the place I live right now, Australia.  I will have a wife and one child. I think that will be my future, so I made a picture on it!

Untitled drawing (3)

Student Blogging Challenge Week 8 #16stubc

I left a comment on my friend Peter’s Blog who had made a post on his Holidays. Here is what I said:

G’day Peter, Sounds like your holidays were very fun! I loved seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 with you! How was batman vs superman? I haven’t seen it yet but I really do want to. Speaking of movies, who are you going for in Captain America Civil War? Iron Man or Captain America. In my opinion I think Iron Man will win! Hope you have an awesome year!
From Piers.


You can check out his blog right here: