I didn’t mean to kill her. She just died, but I was on a mission so it was basically a win-win. I had to murder everybody… Was I evil? No! I was a spy. 11 people, I had a knife and one of those 11 people had a gun but it appears that they just shot that lady. The gun flies across the room and goes into someone’s hand. I realised I was next. I was about to start running but I realised something, None of those people were running. It was time to blend in.


I ran into a room, by ran I mean walked. I was about to run when the coast was clear but looks like he was there. Alpha. He was the one. The detective, No gun but a smart brain. We all have our head/body signals and the move head forward meant ‘Are you the murderer’ I shook my head to say No. As soon as I shook my head Tango walked in. He had the gun! I pointed to Alpha and then there were 9 left. But there were eight! I killed Tango, here’s some blood if you want it.. But anyways, a few more to go, I can’t pick up the gun because my knife is way better.


As I walked to the basement I saw something odd, who would keep a light switch there, oh well. It works for me. I turned off the light and I could hear a scream. Must be Hotel or something. In the basement I saw the screamer and I said “Oh hello Hotel!”. “Get away you stabber!!” he yelled back. Hmm must be a bit confused. Oh well 7 left now. Time to go to the kitchen, must be time to cook some human. I walked in and found 2 people hiding from me in there, Stabbity Stab! 5 more to go and I think I’m ready.

What do I mean by ready? To UNLEASH THE BEAST!!! I ran around to the bedroom and what I saw was a bit odd. “Are you a killer?” she said, Oh it’s Jen again… STAB! 4 more to kill and I have done it, completed my mission to kill everyone! It appears I hear the footsteps coming up to me. 3 young men have a good old run at me. 1 had the gun and shot his friend so I just killed them all. 1 more to go and I’m going so well. I’m about to go to the attic when I see a body, I’ll just disguise as him. I walked up and in a corner and here he is. “Hey” I say. “You aren’t going to stab me right?” he said scarcely. “No. I’m going to murder you…” STAB!!!


Where did the body go? I hear footsteps but they are getting fainter. Oh no, I look down the ladder and see a yellow jumper but it zipped away. Yellow Jumper?? ALPHA!! I never killed him! I jumped down and he was missing. THE GUN!!! Surprisingly now I have to hide the only way I knew how to hide. I disguised as Hotel and hung up my old body and gave it a knife so Alpha would think I was about to be stabbed. I screamed and Alpha ran up the stairs. I pointed to the body and my plan went into place.


I walked down the stairs and got a new knife. But not just one knife. 11 knives. I would put them into all the bodies and make it look scary. Stuff was about to go down. I put all the knives in the bodies and screamed again. Alpha ran down to look what happened and saw something a bit strange. He jumped down to look at Tango’s body. I went with him. “Maybe there is another gun?” I said. We eventually went to the bedroom. I locked the door and said to him. “This one is yours” and I stabbed him in the butt, but I didn’t? Someone else was here. I must of been innocent all along?! But how?! I ran for my life and went down to the basement. I saw Her body. The first one that got killed. I went to her body and started crying. I yelled out “I’M SORRY!!!” Alpha came down and said I was him and he was the spy. Then I had my last moments… He stabbed me.


“Ah shoot how do you always win?!” I said.

“I’m just good” said my friend.


School Production Review

A few nights ago we had our school production and here is my review.

The songs we did were: Get up and dance with me, Ring Ring and Single Ladies. I didn’t get a part in the play except I enjoyed all the non singing and singing parts I really liked where we were sitting on the night (Above the Audience). I had a bit of stage fright before doing Ring Ring but it was all fine after. If I had to say which was my favourite song used in the production it would be Uptown Funk because its my favourite song. I rate the production 7.5/10