My Maths Learning T3 2015

This term we did a lot of maths so I will try to remember the best or just some of the stuff that was big that we did this term.



Bodmas is something I still don’t get, but here is what I learnt:

You do the brackets first, I don’t know order,Do division or multiplication and Addition or Subtraction.

The 3 Laws of Maths

Commutative Law – You can add/multiply the same numbers in any order

Associative Law – It doesn’t matter how we group the numbers we will still get the same number.

Distributive Law – You can add or multiply any numbers with any combination.

Worded Problems

This is the one i kind of still don’t get. We did this whole quiz thing that had like money and stuff. e.g If the Canadians use $13429842 of their money on computer games a day and they use half of it on Nintendo games how much money do they use on nintendo games?


So thats all the great parts in maths this term! Goodbye 😀

Mini Fair

On Friday we had our mini fair and we did a healthy snacks club. I really liked it this year because I got a mustache. We donate our money to the Philippines and we had stalls like Hair Spray,chocolate stall and many other exciting things! The purpose of the mini fair isn’t for the toys or lollies, it’s for raising awareness.  We donated our money to orphans in the Philippines as I said and we all had a good time because we got to donate and have fun at the same time 🙂

Below: Piers and his swag-O-stache 1000 😀