Time Capsules

On Monday we opened our time capsules which we had put under the hall in 2011 and we were all shocked once we had seen ours and so here were my results:

After reading this I want to kill my past self for liking Justin Bieber.. Anyways I thought I would of put something else in other than two pieces of paper. I used to be so weird, some things are still the same like my Mario Addiction but my drawing skills have definitely approved, just like my handwriting! But something that is very strange is that I thought YouTube was a GAME! My games are still the same mario this mario that! I guess that through time i’m not that different.


Homeless People

Homeless people are people who cannot afford  houses or there life has gone really bad. They do not have the resources to live in a house. In Australia there are more than 105,276 homeless people and most are under 25. Homeless people live in areas with shade like a bridge or under a tree. Some homeless people are lucky though because they can get their life back on track and get money and the resources from people or shops to get their life back on track. People have organisations to help homeless people and donate money and food to get their back to normal. Some kids at St Andrews starting   getting food to donate to homeless people.

Immigration Musuem

I think that yesterday was one of the best learning experiences ever! Here is why: We were split up into 3 tasks so it wouldn’t overload our brains with all the information at once, everything we read was easy to understand. When I saw the video with the man on the tram it made me question racism because why do we have to do this to black people? We are all the same inside.