Sovereign Hill

On Friday we went to Ballarat to look at Sovereign Hill, a place set up on a gold mine.

We learnt a lot about the old times back in the 1800’s and more about the Gold Mines. First I will talk about the trip itself.

It took about 5 hours to get to and back from Sovereign Hill, but we did enjoy the bus rides.

Here are some things that I learnt: That in 1825 Richard Hargreaves discovered gold in the mines of Ballarat and that I could never live a second back in the old days. We learnt lots of facts and many more!

Peace out guys :3

3 Goals for Term #3!

Hi Guys!  Today i’m sharing my goals for term 3!

1. Handwriting. I am really bad at joined and need some practice.                                                                                      How can I achieve this? Practice at home!

2.Describing characters. I can’t describe characters really good but I am trying my best to learn new descriptive words. How can I achieve this? Learn more describing words!

3. Making stories longer. Again back on the writing subject. I always have good ideas but they always never go long.How do I achieve this? Write more stories?

So I hope you enjoyed reading 3 of my goals for term 3. I will see you in the next post! Bye Bye!